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Compression socks for EVERYONE

A product for all!

You work long hours outside, standing or sitting down at the office.
You have heavy and tired legs. The solution: the preventive compression socks.
You will be surprised with the result. It’s for a better quality of life on a daily basis. Your legs will tell you thank you!

Compressive garments and socks for SPORTS

Compression garments help to prevent muscle tension and post-workout pain. There are also the compression socks for hockey resistance to cuts, recovery socks and sleeves designed to be used after exercise. They help reduce body aches and recovery time. No matter your level of performance, you should consider the benefits of compression sportswear.

MEDICAL compression stockings

Medical compression stockings are the category usually repaid by private insurers with a medical prescription. Depending on your lifestyle and activities, you can choose from a variety of products, styles, compression levels and colors. For maximum comfort, compression stockings are made of circular knit that allows graduated compression. The compression is strongest at the ankle (100%), gradually decreasing along the leg (20-40%).

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With today’s society, it is hard to take a moment for yourself. Our mission is to offer specialized products and good advice with a knowledgeable consultant. We offer a flexible schedule at the area of your choosing (at work, at home).


Did you know that the majority of private insurances reimburses compression stockings with a medical prescription and an official receipt? We will be pleased to provide you with a detailed receipt. In addition, with a prescription, you will save taxes. Call your insurer for exact benefits. You don’t have private insurance? Keep your receipt for your taxes.


At the initial meeting, we will take the time to take your measurements well, analyze your needs and your daily activities. We will find together the right products for you. We will also give you practical advice on how to put on and how to take care of your products.


Graduated in adjustment and application of compression therapy for preventive stockings, medical and chronic venous disorders. Graduated in fit for sportswear stockings. Graduated in fit for clothing treating lymphedema.

In the five years I have worked in the industry, I have found there was a lack of customer demand. I wanted to take a big challenge, to have a business that helps people find the right compressive product. My experience and training allows me to properly target client needs, provide the right information and help them with the products.

Often people buy over-the-counter compressive stockings. Do you know that many people have had a bad experience with these generic products? Don’t make that mistake.

I am pleased to offer the following services: recommendations, measurements, compressive products, accessories, home delivery and after-sales service. All this in the comfort of your home. Don’t wait any longer and enjoy!

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Isabelle Laberge, Owner

I play basketball 5-7 days a week. Thanks to the sports stockings, I recover much faster and they look chill! A big thank you.
Tommy Lippe, 16 year oldCustomer satisfied
Thank you for coming to my home. I love the flexible schedule; it’s very convenient with my hectic schedule.
Sylvie Gordian, 40 year oldCustomer satisfied
Wow! I love my merino wool stockings, it helps a lot my arthritis. Thank you for your good advice
Lise Fournier, 71 year oldCustomer satisfied

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